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Marketplace Safety

NOTE: Please also see the Vendors policy pages in conjunction with this page.

When you buy from the Marketplace you’re buying pre-owned products from other users or members. You pay using the normal payment options available in the Checkout, but your item will ship directly from the seller.

To ensure you get what you pay for Oplots Internationale email provide the following guarantee:

You will receive a full 100% refund if the item you purchase fails to be delivered, provided the following conditions are met:

  • You selected Tracked Courier as your delivery method; and
  • The Seller is unable to provide a valid “track and trace” that demonstrates a delivery or attempted delivery to the delivery address

Neither Oplots Internationale nor the seller will refund if a “track and trace” shows a delivery to your delivery address (i.e. if it’s lost or stolen from your property). Items that arrive “not as described” or are lost or damaged in transit are not eligible for refund under the Safety Guarantee although we recommend trying to find a resolution directly with the seller. If the item arrives “not as described” or if you are unhappy with the seller you will have the opportunity to place the appropriate feedback.

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